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7 Secrets to Unlock the Power of Amazon Virtual Bundles for More Sales

7 Secrets to Unlock the Power of Amazon Virtual Bundles for More Sales

October 19, 20233 min read

7 Secrets to Unlock the Power of Amazon Virtual Bundles for More Sales

When it comes to Amazon's platform, sellers often find themselves navigating through a myriad of features and tools to optimize their product listings and boost sales. One such hidden gem in the Amazon toolbox is the concept of "Virtual Bundles". Here's a deep dive into why every million-dollar brand should consider virtual bundles.

1. What Are Virtual Bundles?

A virtual bundle allows sellers to group two or more complementary products into a single listing without the need for unique packaging or UPCs. When customers view this listing, they're met with an image showcasing both products. It's akin to creating an entirely new product listing on Amazon.

2. The Listing Nuances

While the primary image represents both products in the bundle, sellers have the flexibility to either design new secondary images or pull from existing product listings. This creative freedom means each bundle can be tailored perfectly to the target audience.

3. Tracking Virtual Bundle Metrics

Virtual bundles do come with some unique tracking challenges. Despite appearing like they have their own unique ASIN, these bundles don't show up in standard ASIN-based reports. Instead, sellers receive specialized virtual bundle reports weekly.

4. Leveraging the "Frequently Purchased Together" Algorithm

There seems to be a correlation between virtual bundles and Amazon's "Frequently Purchased Together" recommendation. Some sellers have noticed that products from their virtual bundles often appear as recommended items together. This behavior indicates that Amazon's algorithm might be recognizing these bundled products as frequently bought together.

5. Navigating FBA Shipping Fees with Bundles

It's crucial for sellers to understand the financial implications of virtual bundles. Even if products are sold as a bundle, Amazon charges the FBA shipping fee for each product as if they were shipped separately. While this might be a disadvantage for some, for products with unusual sizes or shapes, bundling can actually result in shipping savings.

6. The Strategy of Temporary Bundles

Consider this: you're launching a new product and want to boost its visibility quickly. By creating a virtual bundle with a high-volume item and pricing it attractively, you can influence the "Frequently Bought Together" section, funneling more buyers towards your new product. Once the desired visibility is achieved, you can either adjust the bundle's price or remove it altogether.

7. Bundles in Search Results & Advertising

Contrary to some beliefs, virtual bundles do appear in Amazon's search results. Moreover, while you can't advertise them through the standard PPC ads, they are eligible for Sponsored Brand Ads. This presents a strategic opportunity to prominently feature your bundle in the search results.

Bonus: The Competitive Edge of Virtual Bundles in Ads

For sellers using Sponsored Brand Ads that showcase three products, a virtual bundle can be that captivating third product, making the ad visually richer and potentially more click-worthy.


Virtual bundles offer sellers on Amazon a plethora of strategic and creative opportunities to enhance product visibility, drive sales, and optimize advertising efforts. Whether you're an established brand or a newcomer, it might be time to delve into the world of virtual bundles and discover the potential benefits for your business.

Action items

  1. If you haven't already, become familiar with the virtual bundles options on Amazon

  2. Consider what and what price will go into your bundle to optimize for visibility and sales.

  3. Create your first Virtual Bundle

Here’s to your success!

Jon, Mike, and Matt

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