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What's Inside the Fortress?

Blueprint Courses

Detailed blueprints of world-class strategies to build your brand focused on the first principles and foundational pillars you need from product research and development to after purchase — we've got you covered.

Insider Strategy Sessions

Full recordings of our weekly strategy sessions where we implement best practices, test new approaches and give you a behind the scenes deep dive into us implementing our strategy blueprints in real-time.

Cohort Mastermind

Accelerate your growth with a cohort of successful brands selling six figures or more on Amazon coordinated by an expert facilitator to drive amazing results.

Open Office Hours

Ask Jon, Mike, or Matt literally any business-related question you have. You can send your questions via email, chat, or live on camera if you want more interactive answers.

Private Facebook Group

Join Jon, Mike, Matt, and other successful brand builders in our private Facebook community where you can get answers to questions you never knew you had and much much more.

Premiere Service Providers

Tap our network of software tools, resources, and network of service providers we trust to provide best-in-class solutions for growing ecommcerce brands so you don't have to waste your time and money.

Blueprints for Your Brand

We combine community, first principles, and innovation to create a blueprint of success where you get world-class strategies from dynamic leaders and practitioners to transform your business.

Because when it comes to building your brand on Amazon to 7 figures and beyond, you need structures that will stand the test of time.

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