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Module 1: Why You Need An After Purchase Funnel Yesterday!

What is An After Purchase Funnel?

Why You Don't have to spend more money to get more sales!

14 Reasons Your Competition is Using an After Purchase Funnel

Module 2: Golden Offers

How to Create a Golden Offer

Proven Golden Offers to Fortify Your Customer List

Irresistible Golden Offer Combos

Module 3: Buyer Magnets

The Significance of Ramping Opt in Rates From 0% to 30-50%

Good, Better, Best Buyer Magnet Examples

Buyer Magnet Best Practices

Module 4: Customer Onboarding

Onboarding Flow Basics

Why & How To Implement Customer Onboarding Flow

Module 5: Broadcasts

How To Engage & Entertain Your Audience

Capitalizing On Your List To Grow Quickly

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